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A free service to help you give a few pence in sadaqah every day

Protect your family

Giving sadaqah protects against misfortune, calamities, and trials. Protect yourself and your family by giving sadaqah every day.

Make your day remarkable

Imam Ghazali writes that the early Muslims would practice giving charity every day, even if it was a single date or a piece of bread.

Get the most benefit

The best deeds are the most regular even if they are small. Maximise your benefit by giving to multiple causes every single day.

How it works

1. Select your charitable causes

Select the charities you want to support and the amounts you want to give daily. Give as little as 1p.

2. Add a card

Add a payment card or PayPal account. We use this to automatically top-up your balance by £10 whenever it runs low.

3. We do the rest

We credit your charities with your donations every day, with no costs, deductions or fees. You can adjust the amounts you give and charities at any time.

When you top-up you are donating to Little Giving. We then re-grant those donations to charities every day on your behalf. We act as the wakeel of the charities we work with, so your act of giving occurs every day when we credit your charities.

No deductions or card fees

Your entire donation goes to your causes. Some users give us Gift Aid. We use this to cover card processing fees for everyone.

Automated daily giving

Just select your charities and donation amounts, and we'll do the rest every day. You can amend your donations at any time.

Carefully selected causes

We partner with charities for their effectiveness and commitment to deliver 100% of the funds you give through us without deductions.

Sadaqah is a duty on every descendant of Adam, every day the sun rises

(Sahih Ibn Hibban)

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Last month users gave 271,948 donations through Little Giving

(June 2024)

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