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Little Giving is a grant making charity registered in England and Wales with charity number 1190004.

We operate which is a daily sadaqah service which allows users to give micro-donations to charitable causes every day.

The service is currently running as a pilot with a small number of humanitarian charities.

Charities who work with us pay no fees and our aim is to remit donations to them in full with no deductions or card processing costs.

Daily Sadaqah

Using our service, users are able to select charities they want to support and the amount they want to give daily (from just 1p). We then credit the charities they choose with their donations every day.

There are incredible benefits in giving sadaqah. It guards against a bad death, repels affliction, treats illness, extinguishes wrongdoings, protects wealth, brings about sustenance and causes delight to the heart. Giving daily allows people to benefit from these blessings every day.

We act as the wakeel of the charities we work with, so users' acts of giving occur every day when we credit their charities.

Since these are micro donations, we don’t anticipate a change in people giving you larger donations directly or on other platforms. Rather, this is a supplemental way to collect really small amounts which people would not normally give or would occasionally put in a jar at home. The typical donation through our service is 10p a day.

Charities who work with us pay no fees, but we ask them to commit to delivering 100% of funds given by our users to directly and materially benefit the beneficiaries and causes mutually agreed between us without deductions.

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